As Vancouver women and men begin to show the signs of aging, many of them desire to flashback to their earlier years when they looked more alert and youthful. This is a totally normal feeling! At Heights Laser Centre, Dr. Jaffer works diligently with his patients to help them achieve the results they desire, without undergoing invasive treatments that will set them back several thousands of dollars and require days if not weeks of recovery time. If you feel that you need a dramatic treatment to your face, a BOTOX facelift versus a surgical one may be for you.

What Is a BOTOX Facelift?

If you’ve found this blog, you likely already know that BOTOX can reduce the appearance of the wrinkles that appear when you move certain muscles in your face. Physicians like Dr. Jaffer call these dynamic wrinkles, which appear when you do movements such as smile, squint or laugh. But BOTOX can actually do so much more, and provide amazing results to your facial appearance. In fact, with this outpatient injectable, which can be applied over your lunch break, a BOTOX facelift can address areas such as your dynamic wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, and lips, and reshape your jaw, all without ever having to go under the knife. In some cases, you can walk in and walk out of Heights Laser Centre in less than an hour, with your only side effects being some small areas of redness around your injection sites. Beyond that, you’re free to continue with your regular daily activities.

A BOTOX facelift typically lasts for about 3 months or so, meaning that regular treatment appointments are required to maintain the results. But for busy Vancouver women and men who don’t have the time to devote to surgery recovery, or simply don’t desire to go under the knife, it can be an amazing alternative! Not to mention, a much more cost-effective solution to maintaining a more youthful appearance.

What’s Involved with a Traditional Facelift?

A traditional facelift is an intensive surgical procedure. With it, your plastic surgeon will perform a long incision in your hairline, typically starting from the temple and going down along your face and behind your ear. For some Vancouver patients, an additional incision is required underneath the chin to provide optimal results. Once these incisions are made, your plastic surgeon can address fatty deposits and lift the face to provide you with a more youthful appearance.

Recovering from a facelift, however, is intense. You’ll need to take at least a week off work for your recovery, and depending on your chosen plastic surgeon and his or her techniques, you may have drains placed for a time period to aid with healing. That means you definitely won’t want to be out in public while you’re recovering!

Additionally, a traditional facelift simply costs more. Not only do you need to pay out of pocket for your plastic surgeon’s time and skill, but also for your entire surgical team, including your expensive anesthesiologist and the anesthesia he or she will administer to put you to sleep for your procedure. Add in the costs of using the surgical facility and its preoperative and postoperative team of nurses and medical professionals, and you’re left with quite the bill! Often, these expenses make a surgical facelift cost-prohibitive for Vancouver residents.

Learning More About Your Options with BOTOX

If you’d like to learn more about how BOTOX can treat your total face, and even your neckline, then Vancouver’s Dr. Jaffer of Heights Laser Centre is happy to answer your questions.

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