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Before & After BOTOX COSMETIC® Case 115 Front View in Vancouver (Burnaby), BC
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Case #115

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This patient was concerned about her forehead lines.  After a consultation with Dr. Jaffer in Burnaby, it was recommended she receive a small amount of Botox to her forehead wrinkles.  The result was a natural looking, smoother forehead. Read More
Before & After Liquid Facelift Case 113 Front View in Vancouver (Burnaby), BC
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Case #113

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This patient wanted to look less tired and more refreshed.  After a consultation with Dr. Jaffer in Burnaby, it was recommended she receive Botox around her eyes and forehead, and Juvederm dermal filler to her cheeks, chin, lips and jawline.The result is a refreshed appearance with open eyes, reduced jowls and a more defined jawline. Read More
Before & After Dermal Fillers Case 110 Front View in Vancouver (Burnaby), BC
Before & After
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Case #110

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This patient wanted a slimmer appearance and wanted to look less tired. After a consultation with Dr. Jaffer in Burnaby, it was recommended she receive Botox injections to her frown and lateral brow to open her eyes and to her masseter muscles of the jaw to slim her face.  In addition, it was recommended she receive a cheek lift with Juv... Read More
Before & After BOTOX COSMETIC® Case 105 Front View in Vancouver (Burnaby), BC
Before & After
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Case #105

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This patient wanted to look more refreshed.  As well, she wanted fuller, natural appearing lips. After a consultation with Dr. Jaffer in Burnaby, it was recommended she receive Botox for her frown and lateral brows and Belotero hyaluronic acid filler for her lips.  The result was a refreshed softening of her appearance with naturall... Read More
Before & After BOTOX COSMETIC® Case 104 Front View in Vancouver (Burnaby), BC
Before & After
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Case #104

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This patient felt that she was looking tired. After a consultation with Dr. Jaffer in Burnaby, it was recommended she receive Botox treatment for her frown and lateral brow.  The result was a more rested appearance.  Notice on the view at rest that her brows are lifted naturally. Read More
Before & After Dermal Fillers Case 87 Front View in Vancouver (Burnaby), BC
Before & After
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Case #87

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This patient was concerned that she looked tired even though she wasn't. After a consultation with Dr. Jaffer, Botox was injected in her frown, forehead and lateral brow areas, and hyaluronic acid based fillers were injected in her cheeks (Juvederm Voluma) and tear troughs (Belotero Balance).  The result is a natural and rested appearanc... Read More
Before & After Liquid Facelift Case 84 Front View in Vancouver (Burnaby), BC
Before & After
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Case #84

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This patient was turning 60 years old and wanted to look more refreshed. After a consultation with Dr. Jaffer in Burnaby, it was recommended she receive Botox to the muscles around her eyes and Juvederm hyaluronic acid dermal filler to her cheeks, chin, temples and jawline. The result was a more rested and refreshed appearance.  Notice t... Read More
Before & After Dermal Fillers Case 83 Front View in Vancouver (Burnaby), BC
Before & After
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Case #83

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This patient wanted to look more refreshed and wanted a stronger jaw line profile. After a consultation with Dr. Jaffer in Burnaby, it was recommended she receive Botox around her eyes and her masseter muscles,  and Juvederm dermal filler for her chin.  The result was a more refreshed, slimmer appearance with a longer jaw line conto... Read More

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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What Is BOTOX?

BOTOX is a leading injectable treatment used in aesthetic medicine, renowned for its ability to soften dynamic wrinkles—those that develop over time from natural facial movements. Approved by Health Canada and the FDA, it’s a refined botulinum toxin type A formulation.

How Does BOTOX Work?

BOTOX works by halting the release of acetylcholine, a chemical messenger that signals muscles to contract, thus serving as a muscle relaxant or neuromodulator. This targeted relaxation of facial muscles reduces the formation of expression-related wrinkles for a smoother, more youthful look.

The treatment’s popularity is bolstered by its enduring results and minimal discomfort, with studies in the Plastic Reconstructive Surgery journal showing patient satisfaction lasting up to four months post-treatment. With the expertise of Dr. Perhez Jaffer and Dr. Femida Kherani working for you, expect discreet, natural-looking rejuvenation and an enhanced youthful glow.

Dr. Jaffer injecting BOTOX into patients forehead

Who Is a Good Candidate for BOTOX?

Ideal candidates are generally healthy without neuromuscular conditions. Those with certain medical conditions or who are pregnant or breastfeeding may need to explore alternative options. Also, not everyone needs BOTOX; our physicians will only suggest treatment if they expect it will be genuinely beneficial.

Benefits of BOTOX

Wrinkles come in two varieties: dynamic wrinkles caused by repeated facial expressions, like smiling or frowning, and the finer lines that age brings.

BOTOX specifically addresses dynamic wrinkles, which deepen over time with every laugh, squint, or furrowed brow. Without intervention, these wrinkles can evolve into static wrinkles—those visible even when your face is perfectly still.

BOTOX can address these dynamic wrinkles:

  • Crow’s feet around the eyes
  • Vertical lines between the eyebrows
  • Horizontal Forehead lines
  • Chin wrinkles
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Neck wrinkles

Treatment can also help:

  • Achieve a slimmer jaw by injecting the jaw muscles
  • Improve and maintain skin elasticity
  • Smooth out your neckline
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Neck Rejuvenation With BOTOX

The neck’s platysma muscle, which stretches from the chin to the décolletage, can become more prominent as we age and our skin thins, resulting in platysma bands. These bands are telltale signs of an aging neck, appearing as vertical or sometimes horizontal lines.

BOTOX has been proven effective in non-surgically diminishing these bands by relaxing the platysma, similar to its effect on facial muscles. A simple treatment involving small injections can significantly refresh the neck’s appearance, and skin tightening procedures can further enhance results.

Are you bothered by horizontal wrinkles across your neck? Our physicians offer a “BOTOX Necklace” technique, injecting small amounts of BOTOX around the neck muscles and below the horizontal lines. After a short visit and no downtime, you’ll have a smooth neck you’ll no longer want to hide under scarves or high necklines. And it’s a great way to eliminate “tech neck” caused by looking down at your phone too much.

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BOTOX for Prejuvenation

Did you know that there are peer-reviewed studies and medical evidence to suggest that BOTOX injections can be effective in what’s referred to as “prejuvenation.” This means that BOTOX can also delay the development of creases in the first place! So not only can BOTOX improve the appearance of existing wrinkles, but it can also slow down the effects of future aging.

Therapeutic Uses for BOTOX

In addition to its aesthetic advantages, BOTOX can effectively reduce the symptoms of several medical conditions, dramatically improving your daily comfort. You may benefit from therapeutic BOTOX treatments if you have one of the following:

  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
  • TMJ dysfunction (jaw pain from clenching your teeth)
  • Migraine headaches
  • Spasticity
  • Strabismus
Dr. Femida Kherani injecting BOTOX into patient


Excessive sweating in the armpits can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. The good news is that BOTOX can be used to treat hyperhidrosis effectively. You may be a good candidate if you’ve tried multiple antiperspirants and are disappointed with your results.

Here’s an overview of the process:

  • Your physician will test how much sweat you produce to determine how much BOTOX to administer.
  • A series of superficial injections are made in the armpit. Most find the process very manageable.
  • You should notice a reduction in sweat within 3 to 4 days and full results within 10 days.

Your physician will meet with you after 10 days to reassess and, if needed, adjust the dosage for future treatments. Results can last up to 6 months, and most extended health plans cover treatment.

TMJ Disorders

Disorders of the temporomandibular joint, more commonly called TMJ, may cause jaw pain or tenderness, aching in or around the ear, difficulty chewing, or locking of the joint. If you often clench your jaw at night, injections into the jaw muscles can minimize contractions and decrease pain. You should note improvement within 3 to 4 days of your procedure, with full results in 10 days. Results can last up to 4 to 6 months.

Migraine Headaches

For those who experience migraines and haven’t found relief with traditional treatments, BOTOX may offer relief. Particularly effective at addressing migraines with a muscular component, BOTOX therapy involves strategic injections to the head and neck. This innovative approach has been shown to significantly diminish the frequency and severity of migraine episodes, with benefits lasting up to 6 months.

Dr. Jaffer showing patient what BOTOX will eliminate

Your BOTOX Consultation

Your initial visit sets the stage for a personalized BOTOX regimen, making sure every aspect of your care meets your unique needs. Our team will ensure you’re comfortable and knowledgeable about the process ahead. Your physician will get to know your goals and concerns and ensure your treatment plan is as individual as you are. If your wrinkles stem from muscle activity, he may recommend a conservative amount of BOTOX to diminish them.

Your BOTOX Treatment

Using ice to numb the injection sites, your physician minimizes discomfort during BOTOX treatments. The precise technique, using a tiny needle, makes the process comfortable and quick. Most patients are finished within a half-hour. There’s no downtime, so you can easily fit your treatment into a busy schedule.

As BOTOX takes effect over the next few days, you’ll notice a visible rejuvenation. For a complete before-and-after comparison, we’ll document your results with photos. To ensure the best possible outcome, your physician will provide a customized skincare plan, which includes sun protection and a recommended daily omega-3 intake.

MD Codes™

Dr. Jaffer employs the MD Codes approach to injectable treatments, a comprehensive method for facial assessment, to determine the most effective course of treatment for you.

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After-Treatment Care

You can resume normal activities after your appointment. However, we do not recommend moving the treated muscles or rubbing the treated areas for the first 24 hours to prevent BOTOX from migrating outside the treated areas.

Here are some things to avoid following your treatment:

  • Don’t lie down for 4 hours after treatment.
  • Don’t participate in strenuous activity for 24 hours after injections.
  • Don’t use a hot tub, sauna, or whirlpool for 24 hours.

Avoid undergoing other nonsurgical aesthetic treatments, such as facials, dermal filler injections, laser hair removal, and intense pulsed light treatments, for 1 to 2 weeks after receiving BOTOX.

A follow-up appointment will be scheduled 10 days after your treatment to examine the treated areas, ask about your experience, and answer your questions. Your physician may administer more BOTOX at the follow-up appointment to achieve your desired goals and will let you know if he believes dermal fillers would complement your results.

BOTOX Results

BOTOX takes time to work its magic, with initial improvements emerging after a few days and the final outcome evident at the 10-day mark. Your refreshed look can last from 3 to 4 months. Periodic touch-up treatments can keep the youthful effects consistent. To save on your aesthetic treatments, check out our Specials page for exclusive offers and savings.

Sustained Improvement With BOTOX

Over years of use, BOTOX subtly coaches your facial muscles to frown less, which can soften your features and decrease the formation of lines. Patients who’ve had BOTOX treatments consistently for a decade or more often report fewer dynamic wrinkles, even between treatments.

BOTOX also supports skin elasticity, working against the natural sag of aging skin by limiting muscle movements that can deepen wrinkles.

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Financing Options

To put your aesthetic goals within reach, we accept Medicard, which offers a variety of financing terms with convenient monthly payments.

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At what age should I start getting BOTOX for my frown lines?

The decision to start BOTOX treatments for frown lines should be based on personal factors, including cosmetic goals, facial structure, genetic factors, and skin condition, as recommended by your physician.

Treatment can be proactive in your 20s to prevent deeper lines or corrective in your 30s and 40s to smooth out existing wrinkles. Ultimately, the aim is to achieve a look that reflects your inner vitality and enhances your self-assurance at any age.

Can I build a resistance to BOTOX?

It’s highly uncommon, but some individuals may develop an immune response to BOTOX after many years of regular use, which can neutralize its effects more rapidly, creating resistance to treatment and rendering them less effective. While this doesn’t pose a health risk, it could reduce the duration of results.

In the rare instance of resistance, our physicians can recommend alternative injectables that offer similar benefits to BOTOX, ensuring that your appearance remains as youthful and wrinkle-free as you desire.

How effective Is BOTOX for under-eye wrinkles?

BOTOX is highly effective for smoothing out under-eye wrinkles. Our physicians meticulously administer a precise amount of BOTOX—usually between 1 and 3 units—beneath the eyes to achieve optimal results. The procedure is quick, typically taking just 15 minutes. No downtime is required, allowing you to resume your daily routine immediately. While improvements may be seen within days, the most significant results usually emerge after 1 to 2 weeks.

Are BOTOX injections painful?

Most patients find BOTOX injections quite tolerable, with minimal discomfort. Our physicans ensure a gentle experience by cooling the skin with ice beforehand and using a very fine needle for the procedure. Their expertise allows for swift and precise injections.

Should I expect swelling or bruising after receiving BOTOX injections?

Swelling is minimal for most of our patients. Ice is applied to the area before and after BOTOX treatment to reduce any potential swelling. Patients of Dr. Jaffer and Dr. Kherani rarely experience bruising.

Will my face look frozen after BOTOX?

Our physicians’ approach will leave you with natural-looking results. Your face will still be expressive—you’ll simply look rested and refreshed.

Do BOTOX Injections Damage Your Face?

Research indicates that BOTOX, when used responsibly in small, effective doses, doesn’t harm facial appearance. However, overuse can result in a diminished ability to express emotions naturally and, in rare cases, can cause unintended muscle contractions near treated areas.

To avoid these issues, it’s essential to work with a well-trained injector who understands facial anatomy and advocates for conservative dosing, ensuring your face retains its natural expressiveness.

What are the risks of BOTOX treatment?

Although BOTOX treatments are generally safe, they carry the potential for minor risks, similar to any medical procedure. Temporary bruising or swelling at the injection site are the most common side effects, typically resolving within a few hours or days. On rare occasions, some individuals may experience breathing difficulties, pain, headaches, or flu-like symptoms during the effective period of BOTOX.

How long can I use BOTOX to treat signs of aging?

BOTOX is a sustainable option for addressing the signs of aging, with no fixed limit to the duration of use. This flexibility is one reason it’s a top anti-aging treatment for both men and women.

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