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Before & After CoolSculpting® Case 81 Left Oblique View in Vancouver (Burnaby), BC
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Case #81

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Mid-section fat removal with CoolSculpting
Before & After CoolSculpting® Case 10 Front View in Vancouver (Burnaby), BC
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Mid-section fat removal
Before & After CoolSculpting® Case 9 Left Side View in Vancouver (Burnaby), BC
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Mid-section fat removal
Before & After CoolSculpting® Case 8 Back View in Vancouver (Burnaby), BC
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Inner thigh treatment
Before & After CoolSculpting® Case 7 Left Side View in Vancouver (Burnaby), BC
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Bra line back fat removal

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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Patient receiving coolsculpting treatment

What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical procedure that targets and destroys fat cells beneath the skin using precise and controlled cooling energy. The body’s natural processes gradually eliminate the treated fat cells within a few weeks following treatment.

CoolSculpting is the only FDA and Health Canada-approved fat-freezing technology on the market today. Millions of treatments have been performed around the world to date.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

To understand how the treatment works, we must first understand cryolipolysis for fat reduction.

Cryolipolysis is a combination of three words:

  • “cryo” which means cold
  • “lipo” which means fat
  • “lysis” which means destruction

The technology is based on cold-induced fat necrosis—the concept that fat is more sensitive to cold injury than other tissue types. In 2007, a cooling device was tested to determine whether fat could be selectively destroyed without damaging the overlying skin. Results were promising and achieved without medication or surgery.

Coolsculpting process
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What Are the Benefits of CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is safe and effective. Once the targeted fat cells are eliminated, they’re gone for good. The results are permanent as long as you maintain your weight.

As a CoolSculpting-certified clinic, Heights Laser Centre is the ideal choice for your treatment. The training and hands-on experience required to earn this distinction—and the fact that we’re a physician-led practice—means you can be confident about achieving your desired results.

Treatment Is Targeted & Efficient

CoolSculpting applicators comprise a range of sizes to fit the unique proportions of each patient’s body and the areas to be treated. This allows our talented technicians to effectively and quickly target many different areas of the face and body:

  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Bra line
  • Back
  • Love handles, flanks, and waist
  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen
  • Inner and outer thighs

The Results Can Kickstart a Healthier Lifestyle

When patients see their improved physique and experience the accompanying confidence boost, they’re encouraged to maintain these benefits through proper diet and exercise.

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Our Team of Skin Care Experts in Metro Vancouver

Under the rigorous medical supervision of Dr. Perhez Jaffer and Dr. Femida Kherani, Heights Laser Centre features a dedicated team, each member bringing years of specialized expertise in cosmetic and laser treatments. United by a passion for client care, our staff excels in personalized service, ensuring a warm, professional, and supportive experience for every patient.

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The CoolSculpting Journey to a Leaner You

Beginning your CoolSculpting journey is easy; it starts with a visit to our centre for a one-on-one session with our CoolSculpting-certified technician.

Your First Visit & Examination

We will assess your needs and plan your treatment based on an examination and your concerns, goals and health background. We may recommend combining CoolSculpting with another advanced body contouring treatment for optimal results.

It’s important to understand that CoolSculpting is intended to treat localized fat deposits; it’s not a weight loss strategy. You may benefit from a different approach if you have a more significant amount of fat to lose. If you are looking for a reduction in fat and an increase in muscle mass and tone, we also offer EMSCULPT NEO®, a two-in-one body contouring treatment that uses heat and electromagnetic energy to stimulate the muscles and melt fat.

Your Treatment

We will administer your treatment in a private room. You’re welcome to watch TV, bring snacks or a book, use your mobile phone, or even take a nap.

A Heights Laser Centre team member will prep you for the CoolSculpting procedure by taking “before” photos and placing gel pads on the treatment areas. The applicator paddles will be positioned over the gel pads to produce the controlled cooling energy that freezes the excess fat cells without affecting surrounding tissues. You may initially feel some intense cold, but the sensation will disappear as the session progresses.

Following the procedure, your technician will massage the treated area for about 2 minutes to promote optimal fat reduction. Treatment typically lasts about an hour.

Patient having stomach traced where coolsculpting will be placed

Your Results

Because no surgery or downtime is involved, you can return to work and normal activities immediately. You may experience only minor bruising, swelling, and numbness as temporary side effects.

Your body will eliminate the affected fat cells over several weeks following treatment. After this period, your technician can assess your improvement. Most people require at least 2 sessions per area to achieve their desired outcome. Final results are typically visible 3 to 4 months after your first treatment, although larger areas may take more time.

We will take photos around 60 and 90 days after your treatment to enable you to witness your transformation. By the end of the entire regimen, you can expect a leaner appearance and more balanced contours.

Although the treated cells are gone for good, the remaining fat cells can enlarge if you gain weight. Dr. Jaffer recommends following a healthy diet and exercise regimen to maintain your results.

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Financing Options

To put your aesthetic goals within reach, we accept Medicard, which offers a variety of financing terms with convenient monthly payments.

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CoolSculpting FAQ

How long does CoolSculpting take?

The treatment requires no downtime and can be performed over an extended lunch break. Sessions typically take less than an hour, so you can get back to your regular day without missing a beat.

How many sessions are needed?

Because every patient has different needs and goals, the best way to determine how many treatments you’ll need is to visit us for a consultation. However, as a guideline, each session eliminates 20 to 25% of the treated fat cells. If you have only a few inches to eliminate, you may need as few as 1 or 2 treatments. For more significant fat deposits, 3 to 4 sessions may be required.

Does CoolSculpting really work?

Several randomized controlled clinical trials have demonstrated that cryolipolysis and controlled cooling effectively eliminate excess subcutaneous fat while leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected. CoolSculpting has been shown to reduce subcutaneous fat by up to 25% after just one session, a result recorded in a study published in the medical journal, “Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology.”

Where does the fat go after a CoolSculpting treatment?

As part of your body’s natural processes, you will metabolize the destroyed cells and filter them out of your system. These fat cells will not regrow or be redistributed to other parts of your body. Researchers have found no reduction in liver function or lipid levels after treatment and no significant health risk factors associated with CoolSculpting.

Is CoolSculpting painful?

At Heights Laser Centre, patient comfort is a top priority. You may experience sensations of pulling, mild pinching, intense cold, tingling, or stinging that may make you temporarily uncomfortable at the beginning of your treatment session. However, these sensations typically subside as the targeted area becomes numb from the effects of the fat-destroying cold temperatures. And our new top-of-the-line, CoolAdvantage™ applicators cut treatment time in half.

Will I bruise or swell after CoolSculpting?

Some patients experience bruising or redness at the applicator site. These symptoms are minor and temporary. Swelling tends to be minimal to moderate and lasts up to 10 days. Dr. Jaffer and our team can address any questions or concerns following your treatment.

Are CoolSculpting results immediate? How significant will the fat reduction be?

Patients typically begin to see results about 3 weeks after treatment. About 20% of the fat is destroyed per session. Most patients require 2 sessions per area: The first removes the bulk of the unwanted fat, while the second provides an attractive and even body contour.

What are the side effects and risks of CoolSculpting?

Following treatment, you may experience:

  • Redness at the treatment site
  • Swelling
  • Blanching
  • Bruising
  • Firmness
  • Tingling
  • Stinging
  • Tenderness
  • Cramping
  • Aching
  • Itching
  • Skin sensitivity

These effects are only temporary and will go away within a few days. Other risks of the treatment include paradoxical adipose hyperplasia and delayed onset pain.

What is a CoolSculpting “cycle?”

A cycle is the same as a session. “Cycle” is a term often used in the industry when discussing CoolSculpting.

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From the moment you step through the door at Heights Laser Centre, you are not just a client—you are family. Safety isn’t just a protocol here; it’s a promise. In our relaxing, physician-led medical spa, where state-of-the-art laser technology meets decades of expertise, each treatment is an intersection of science and artistry, tailored just for you.

Request a free consultation using the online form, or call our centre at (604) 298-4481 to schedule your appointment.

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