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Before & After IPL Photofacial Case 5 Left Side View in Vancouver (Burnaby), BC
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IPL Photofacial for facial redness/vessels
Before & After IPL Photofacial Case 4 Right Side View in Vancouver (Burnaby), BC
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IPL Photofacial for facial redness/vessels
Before & After IPL Photofacial Case 3 Right Side View in Vancouver (Burnaby), BC
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This patient was concerned about the redness of her cheeks. After a consultation with Dr. Jaffer and Anna, our Laser Technician, she received a series of three IPL Photofacial treatments for facial redness and vessels.  The result is a reduction in the redness of the skin and a brighter complexion.  In addition, she has had hyaluron... Read More

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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Patient receiving an IPL treatment

What Does an IPL Photofacial Do?

IPL photorejuvenation can reduce damage caused by aging, sun exposure (photodamage), stress, lifestyle factors such as smoking, and other conditions. Common treatment areas include the face, neck, and chest. The procedure is gentle, nonsurgical, and requires no downtime.

How Does IPL Work?

IPL treatment delivers light energy of varying wavelengths to different skin depths for a customized treatment. This is a general summary of how the technology works:

  • The laser delivers intense pulses of light, absorbed by darker areas, such as blood vessels and brown spots.
  • The intense pulses of light heat up the darker regions and cause minor, controlled damage that triggers your body’s immune system.
  • Your body absorbs the damaged cells, and the blemishes disappear.
Varying wavelengths and depths of penetration for photofacial
Varying wavelengths and depths of penetration

Four Conditions IPL Can Treat

IPL can effectively treat the following:

  • Rosacea: Characterized by intense cheek redness, acne-like bumps, visible spider veins, and broken capillaries, rosacea is among the most common skin issues helped with IPL therapy. IPL targets and diminishes these superficial vessels for clearer, more even-toned skin.
  • Sun-Damaged Skin and Uneven Skin Tone: For women and men dealing with the effects of extensive sun exposure, IPL treatments can provide substantial relief. The skin’s upper layer absorbs the light, converting it to heat to selectively break down the cells responsible for sun damage.
  • Scars: Whether you have new scars or scars caused by acne, IPL can reduce their appearance by breaking down the micro-blood vessels that give scars their red colour.
  • Cutaneous Vascular Lesions: IPL treatments can improve the appearance of cutaneous vascular lesions, such as telangiectasia. The absorption of light energy causes the lesional blood vessels to coagulate. Over time, the vascular lesion fades, and your natural colour emerges.

Your Photofacial Consultation

Starting your photofacial journey at Heights Laser Centre means taking the first step toward healthier, more vibrant skin. Your first visit is where we tailor our approach to fit your unique skin care needs.

Our IPL medical technician will discuss your skin concerns during your consultation to determine whether you’re a good candidate. They’ll perform a thorough analysis to develop a customized treatment plan and help you understand how the treatment works and what you can expect. They’ll also ask about your skincare regimen and make recommendations.

If you’d like further information about the technology and process, you can also discuss your treatment plan with Dr. Jaffer.

Heights Laser Centre staff photo
Our Team of Skin Care Experts in Metro Vancouver

Under the rigorous medical supervision of Dr. Perhez Jaffer and Dr. Femida Kherani, Heights Laser Centre features a dedicated team, each member bringing years of specialized expertise in cosmetic and laser treatments. United by a passion for client care, our staff excels in personalized service, ensuring a warm, professional, and supportive experience for every patient.

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Your IPL Treatment

Before your treatment, your laser technician will take “before” photos and examine your face, neck, and chest. Based on your examination results, the technician may recommend additional treatments. Some patients benefit from pairing IPL with Hydrafacial treatments, which prepares the skin to allow the intense pulsed light more direct contact with red pigmentation and brown spots for the best possible outcome.

Our IPL platform, the Lumenis M22, is equipped with contact cooling to maintain comfort. Some of our patients choose to have a topical anesthetic cream administered beforehand to decrease their sensitivity further.

Lumenis M22

During your appointment, our experienced technician will:

  • Apply a special gel
  • Position the IPL applicator
  • Release the pulsed light
  • Move to the next location

The process typically takes about 20 minutes, depending on the area treated.

We’ll provide a concise pre- and post-treatment plan to make the entire experience safe and effective.

Heights Laser Centre will invite you for a follow-up appointment two weeks after each session. The “after” pictures you take after each session enable you to observe your progress.

Most patients receive 3 to 5 IPL photofacial treatments spaced a month apart, allowing gradual but significant improvement over time.

After Photofacial: Recuperation & Results

The treated area may be red and slightly swollen immediately following a photofacial but should resolve within a few hours. When you finish your sessions, you can expect a more even skin tone and a radiant glow.

We want to give you great results AND maintain them for the long term. To achieve this, Dr. Jaffer recommends the following after you’ve completed your initial round of IPL treatments:

  • A once-a-year IPL touch-up treatment to help prevent pigment changes and fine lines from returning
  • A daily regimen of topical sunscreen, vitamin C serum, and vitamin A cream (Retinol)
  • Taking omega-3 capsules every day
Patients waiting in the waiting room
Financing Options

To put your aesthetic goals within reach, we accept Medicard, which offers a variety of financing terms with convenient monthly payments.

See financing options

Photofacial FAQ

When will I notice a difference?

Our patients see a significant reduction in redness, dark spots, and lines after their first IPL treatment. Following a complete regimen of IPL treatments, your complexion should be 50 to 70% brighter and more even.

How many treatments should I have?

Most patients have multiple photofacial appointments to achieve their desired results. Heights Laser Centre recommends 3 to 5 IPL treatments administered about one month apart.

You can complement your treatment with other procedures, such as laser hair removal, BOTOX COSMETIC®, and dermal fillers.

Is IPL painful?

We prioritize your comfort and have invested in the most advanced tools to provide you with the best experience possible. Our laser’s cooling technology and the use of a topical anesthetic cream will minimize any discomfort. Our skilled laser technician has trained extensively in aesthetic applications to ensure you have an effective and efficient experience.

Will the benefits last?

IPL results have a long duration. We recommend you have one treatment yearly after completing the initial series to keep age spots away, and we encourage you to extend your results with a high-quality skincare regimen. This typically includes taking vitamin C serum and oral omega-3 capsules and applying sunscreen daily.

Can IPL treat each rosacea subtype? What if I have symptoms from several subtypes?

IPL photofacials are approved for all four subtypes. Patients can experience more than one subtype at a time, and symptoms can range from mild to severe. Because of the potential long-term effects, we recommend you seek early diagnosis and treatment for chronic redness.

Experience the Heights Laser
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From the moment you step through the door at Heights Laser Centre, you are not just a client—you are family. Safety isn’t just a protocol here; it’s a promise. In our relaxing, physician-led medical spa, where state-of-the-art technology meets decades of expertise, each treatment is an intersection of science and artistry, tailored just for you.

Request a free consultation using the online form, or call our centre at (604) 298-4481 to schedule your appointment.

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