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Through jaw contouring, the face can be shaped to appear more feminine. Also known as facial slimming, the procedure is tailored to meet the goals and individual anatomy of each Vancouver patient.

Your Jawline and Overall Facial Harmony

To achieve improved facial balance and harmony, we perceive the lower third of the face and consider it in terms of overall facial width.

For example, squareness and more angular lines of the lower jaw are traits that are generally perceived as more masculine.

The wideness of the jaw also has an impact on the angle between the chin and neck. There is more distinction between the two areas. In men, this is typically a desired trait, whereas it may be considered too masculine of a trait in women who seek a softer appearance.

A typical jawline that is desired by most female patients is one that is soft, yet well-defined. It accentuates the elegant curvature of the neck and seamlessly transitions into the chin. This creates a profile that frames and emphasizes the prominence of the cheekbones (for the coveted upside down triangle). It tapers downward.

However, whether you are a man or woman, an overly wide jawline, also known as mandible, can create asymmetry and throw off the overall balance of the facial features. An enlarged mandible, that which has increased in size over time, may be a result of a rare congenital disorder. It can also simply be a result of repeat behaviours and habits, such as teeth clenching and grinding. These actions can increase the muscle in the jaw (masseter), which makes it bulkier.

Facial slimming is aimed at creating a balanced appearance in line with your aesthetic goals. With jaw contouring, there are a number of techniques that can achieve different results depending on the goals of the patient.

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We offer a non-surgical jaw contouring technique that involves using Botox injections. This is very effective for reducing the size of enlarged jaw muscles, known as the masseter. This transforms the shape of your lower face, making it more like a V or inverted triangle.

What is the masseter?

The masseter is a muscle that is located along either side of the jaw. Whenever you chew, the masseter activates. Too much chewing, or grinding, can cause the masseter to bulk up, much like any other muscle in the body. This can lead to a prominent jawline and an overly square facial shape — an aesthetic issue that some find unattractive.

When Botox is injected at several points in the masseter, it works to relax it. This causes the mandible to reduce in size and remain less bulky over several months. Typically, it takes a few weeks to see visible improvements. After the procedure, Vancouver patients are able to return to their normal activities right away, with others being none the wiser!

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Injectable Fillers

Hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Juvéderm and Belotero, can enhance the jawline by adding volume. These injectable, biocompatible products provide gentle “padding” to the jawline, smoothing out indentations and resolving contour irregularities.

Fillers can be effective in the treatment of the following aesthetic issues:

  • Eliminating jowls
  • Improving symmetry
  • Enhancing the chin to improve its shape or size
  • Modifying the shape of the jawline to make it look more proportionate

Skin Tightening

Another non-surgical technique that can effectively recontour the jawline is Sublime skin tightening. Through the use of bipolar radiofrequency energy, skin is tightened, which improves and lifts the jawline.

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