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Having a double chin can make a person look and feel tired, aged, and overweight. If you are searching for a solution for your double chin, you may have looked into several options, including liposuction surgery. If you want a less-invasive solution that is still extremely effective, consider Belkyra™!

Submental Fat

The area beneath the chin is known as the submental region. When there is excess fatty tissue in this region, it can change the contours of the chin, jawline, and neck. This is how the appearance of a double chin develops.

One’s genes, weight gain, and the aging process are all factors that can contribute to an excess of submental fat. Thus, even Burnaby and Vancouver patients who are at a healthy weight may have a double chin.

Though many have tried, dieting and exercise often cannot change the appearance of one’s double chin. These activities will result in better overall health and an overall reduction in weight, but when it comes to spot reduction of specific areas, they may be ineffective.

What Is Belkyra™?

Belkyra™ is a new and exciting cosmetic product used for reduction of submental fat cells. It has been rigorously tested and is approved for use by Health Canada and the FDA, and it is already becoming incredibly popular.

Belkyra™ is made of deoxycholic acid. This substance, which is normally found in the human body, breaks down dietary fats. In its synthetic form, deoxycholic acid is used to remove fat cells by first compromising their cell membranes, making them unable to contain their contents. The cell contents are then eliminated naturally by the body.

Belkyra™ is an injectable, meaning that the procedure is performed as a series of injections and will not require any surgery. It is a minimally invasive treatment; as a result of this, no downtime will be needed afterwards.

The Procedure

The Belkyra™ injection procedure is quite convenient and typically only requires around a half an hour or less to perform. At the start of the procedure, local anesthetic may be applied in order to numb the submental region. Most  Burnaby and Vancouver patients do not require any anesthesia.

Following this, a small transparent grid overlay is placed over the submental region as a precise guide for the injections. A tiny needle is then used to inject small amounts of Belkyra™ into the subcutaneous fat layer. This controlled and specific distribution of the product in the region leads to even and natural results.

Once the injections are complete, the patient will be free to return to their everyday schedule. A small degree of temporary bruising and tenderness may sometimes occur, and it will be best to avoid physically taxing activities for around three days or so. Swelling may persist for a week.

Set Up a Consultation

Does injectable double-chin reduction sound like the procedure you’ve been looking for? If so, contact our office in the Burnaby and Vancouver area and arrange an appointment for a personal consultation. You will be able to speak with Dr. Perhez Jaffer, who will evaluate your submental region and help you get started with the Belkyra™ process. Call (604) 298-4481.

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