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Laser Hair Removal

Safely Remove Hair from Any Part of Your Body with Laser Hair Removal Vancouver

Voted #1 in Burnaby for Laser Hair Removal!

The skilled technicians at Heights Laser Centre provide laser hair removal Vancouver patients know to trust. Laser hair removal is a faster and much more effective method of permanently reducing unwanted or excess hair than waxing or plucking.

Laser hair removal is suitable for both men and women. Women benefit from laser hair removal, because it is ideal for underarms, forearms, upper lips, the face, legs and the bikini area. Laser hair removal for men is generally targeted towards the chin, neck, chest, shoulders and back. No matter where the laser hair removal procedure is performed, your skin will feel clean and smooth to the touch.

Our laser hair removal Vancouver clinic is located in the Burnaby Heights area of Hastings Street. Our central located is convenient for all our satisfied Vancouver and Lower Mainland customers.

Please call us at (604) 298-4481 or Contact Us today to book your free laser hair removal Vancouver consultation.

The Laser Hair Removal Process

At Heights Laser, we put your safety first. All of our laser hair removal treatments are performed by medical grade lasers that are approved by Health Canada and the FDA.

Our highly trained technicians determine the precise wavelength light beam required for the pre-shaved treatment area. The hand-held laser is pressed onto the skin and light beams target the pigment in your hair. The laser hair removal process inhibits your hair follicles from re-growing.

If, at any time, you have questions, please contact our laser hair removal Vancouver clinic.

What to Expect with the Laser Hair Removal Process

Prior to any laser hair removal treatment, you meet with our courteous and helpful technicians. We explain to you the process and answer all of your questions. We only move ahead with a laser hair removal treatment when you are confident and comfortable to proceed.

  1. Laser hair removal sessions can last anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour.
  2. For best results, a series of three to six treatments may be required per area. Schedule your laser hair treatment approximately six to eight weeks apart.

Our team of experienced hair removal technicians are able to answer all your questions about laser hair removal Vancouver.


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