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Blu U® Acne Treatment

Heights Laser Is One of the Few Medical Clinics Offering The Revolutionary Blu-U® Acne Treatment Burnaby and Vancouver Area Residents Trust

The Blu-U® acne treatment is a popular acne solution for clients with mild to moderate acne. It is a nice alternative to ointments and medications. The Blu-U® light treatment is a blue light therapy that kills bacteria on your skin and therefore can clear or control your acne.

How Blu-U® Acne Treatments Work

Blu-U® treatments are simple and non-evasive. You simply sit with the light close to your face for about 20 minutes, once or twice a week, depending on the severity of your acne. Blu-U® treatments will effectively clear most inflammatory acne in a few visits. Treatments are safe and there is absolutely no downtime for this procedure.

A combination of Blu-U® acne treatment and PDT (photodynamic therapy) treatments may also be considered. For persistent blemishes or more severe acne a topical medicine compound called Levulan is applied prior to exposure to a Blu-U® light. The light activates the compound which attacks the acne bacteria. Usually 3 treatments are scheduled at intervals of 4 weeks. Most Burnaby and Vancouver patients experience long term improvement following Blu-U® /PDT treatments making this choice an appealing alternative to internal medications. Blu-U® light treatment can be used when pills, scrubs, peels and topical products have failed.

What to Expect with Blu-U® Acne Treatments

Photodynamic treatments provide effective therapy of sun damaged skin and can effectively reduce and treat various actinic keratoses, “sun spots” or other lesions. The treatment is both therapeutic and preventative. Minimal downtime is required and the treatment can be undertaken even if your skin is suntanned. PDT will assist in maintaining or regaining healthy skin and will also lead to a smoother rejuvenated appearance.

Burnaby and Vancouver patients can contact our office to schedule a Blu-U® acne treatment consultation at (604) 298-4481.

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