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Reclaim Your Youthful Appearance with Botox®

When Burnaby and Vancouver residents want a safe, effective, and non-surgical way to look and feel younger, they turn to the certified physicians at Heights Laser’s Vancouver skin care clinic. We offer many injectables to fight the aging process, including Botox® Cosmetic.

Over the years, we tend to make the same facial expressions in a variety of situations. Our muscles begin to get used to these contracted positions, and it becomes more and more difficult for the skin to settle. The dynamic wrinkles that we see whenever we form these expressions become static wrinkles, which are wrinkles that stay on the face while the muscles are at rest.

Botox® injections are simple and virtually painless treatments that help lessen the appearance of a variety of wrinkles, creases, lines and folds, particularly those that are found on the upper face. It is these treatments that are able to stop those unwanted dynamic wrinkles from becoming permanent static wrinkles in the skin.

This popular anti-aging treatment works well for both men and women and removes those embarrassing signs of getting older. It can help smooth out crow’s feet (small fine lines at the sides of the eyes), horizontal forehead creases, frown lines (small vertical lines found between the eyebrows), and chin wrinkles. Vertical neck bands can also be reduced using this treatment.

This injectable anti-aging solution is a minimally invasive procedure, meaning that, unlike surgery, it will not require any scalpels or incisions whatsoever. Minimally invasive procedures like this also Burnaby and Vancouver patients avoid those long, uncomfortable recovery times. Instead, they relieve the need for recovery altogether, making it extremely easy to get back to your everyday schedule.

Injectable treatments like this one are very quick and convenient. They typically take only around 10 to 15 minutes depending on the target area to be treated. It is a great lunch-time procedure and is perfect for those busy professionals on the go who do not have hours to spend with lengthy treatments.

Your Consultation

It is our goal to help you look and feel your best. The first step is making sure you understand the procedure. Our courteous and helpful staff will gladly answer all of your questions during your comprehensive complimentary consultation. We only proceed with your treatment when you feel confident to proceed.

Our Burnaby and Vancouver area skin care clinic is centrally located on Hastings Street in Burnaby and is easily accessible to patients throughout the Lower Mainland. Please call us at (604) 298-4481 or visit us today to ask our friendly staff about your procedure. Click here to book your free consultation.

Cosmetic Botox® Procedures Are Safe, Effective, and Health Canada Approved

Botox® is a safe purified neurotoxin protein that is approved by Health Canada and the FDA. Small amounts are carefully injected directly into the muscles by our skilled physicians. Nerve impulses are blocked from reaching the overactive facial muscles, which are then unable to contract and form wrinkles or lines.

Deeper, harsher wrinkles can also form with time, and these stubborn markers of aging may require a combination of Botox® and Juvederm®, which is an effective and long-lasting cosmetic wrinkle filler. When combining these two injectable treatments, this method is called the Softlift® procedure.

It is extremely rare to develop any side effects after the use of this product. Botox® has an excellent track record and is extremely popular. We do not recommend treatments for our Burnaby and Vancouver patients who are pregnant, nursing, or experiencing any neurological disorders. Speak with us to find out more about whether or not this product is right for you.

What to Expect with Cosmetic Botox® Vancouver Treatments

Heights Laser wants your experience to be successful and positive. Once you are ready for your anti-wrinkle treatment, we will explain what you can look forward to.

First, the areas of the face that will be targeted with the treatment are marked using a marker. The injections are then performed with a high degree of accuracy and skill, relaxing the targeted muscles.

After these precise injections into the targeted areas have been completed, the procedure will be done. No recovery time is required, and you will be free to once again go about your day.

It is possible that you may experience temporary small bumps or slight redness where the treatment was injected. If this is the case, feel free to contact us for more information.

Generally, your desired results will take effect four to ten days after the date of your procedure. The effects of this treatment usually last for a period of around three to four months. Follow-up treatments and touch-ups injections are also available if the patient so desires.

After several treatments, the effects of your Botox® Cosmetic may last longer, offering smooth, youthful-looking skin. It is important to remember that the results of this treatment will vary from person to person.

Our experienced physicians and caring staff are ready to answer all your Botox® questions. When you are confident and ready to proceed, we will make your treatment as comfortable as possible. Contact us today at our office in the Burnaby and Vancouver area to find out more and arrange an appointment for a consultation. Call (604) 298-4481.

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